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Tony Spilotro: The Dark Side of the Mob’s Enforcer

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Anthony Spilotro, known as “The Ant” or “Tough Tony,” was a notorious figure in the Chicago Outfit. Born on May 19, 1938, in Chicago, Spilotro grew up surrounded by mobsters, with four of his five brothers also involved in criminal activities. His life took a violent turn, and Spilotro would go on to become an enforcer for the Mob and protect their illicit interests in Las Vegas.

A Brutal Legacy

Spilotro’s reign of terror began early on, with his first arrest at just 17 years old. The FBI estimated that he was responsible for nearly two dozen murders in both Illinois and Nevada. One of the most notorious incidents was the M&M murders, where Spilotro tortured and killed thieves who had targeted mobster territory. This gruesome act, such as tightening a vise around a thief’s head until his eye burst, would later be depicted in the movie “Casino.”

Rise to Power

Despite his brutality, Spilotro was a loyal soldier for the Outfit. In 1971, he was entrusted with overseeing their Las Vegas operations, replacing another infamous mobster, Marshall Caifano. During this time, the Mob controlled the majority of casinos in Las Vegas, and large sums of money were diverted into their pockets through illegal means. Spilotro’s main task was to ensure the smooth operation of these operations, particularly the infamous skim.

Troubles and Trials

Spilotro’s violent reputation did not go unnoticed. In 1972, he was indicted for the murder of a Chicago real estate broker and a known associate of the Mob. However, he managed to evade conviction. In the following years, Spilotro faced more legal troubles, including theft charges from the Teamsters Union and other burglaries. Yet, time and time again, he found a way to beat the system.

The End of the Road

By the mid-1980s, the Mob’s influence in Las Vegas was waning, and federal agents were closing in. In 1986, Spilotro and members of his gang were arrested for multiple burglaries. Realizing that he had become a liability, the Mob called him and his brother, Michael, to a meeting in the Midwest. Tragically, their battered bodies were discovered in an Indiana cornfield.

The Legacy Lives On

In 2007, James Marcello, a high-ranking member of the Outfit, was found responsible for the Spilotro brothers’ murders, along with other crimes. This led to the conviction of several other top Outfit members in what became known as the “Family Secrets” trials. Testimony from former mobsters-turned-informants, including Frank Cullotta, shed light on the dark secrets of the Mob’s reign in Las Vegas.

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